Dear ISOCARP Member,

As Vice President of the Urban Planning Advisory Teams (UPATs) Programme, I kindly ask your attention for the ISOCARP UPAT Workshop for the Zhongshan Avenue District in Wuhan, China. This UPAT, hosted by the Wuhan Land Use and Urban Spatial Planning Research Center (WLSP), will take place 26-31 March 2017. Until today I have received twelve excellent applications from ISOCARP members for six team members.

The ISOCARP Zhongshan Avenue UPAT Workshop is open for ISOCARP members only. A UPAT team comprises a total of seven ISOCARP members with a Team Leader, a UPAT Rapporteur, two senior planners, two young planning professionals and the Vice President UPATs as overall coordinator. ISOCARP and WLSP especially encourage members to apply for this UPAT workshop who are living and working outside China. In order to be able select a mixed and best possible team, I especially welcome the applications of our female members and young planning professionals.

The topic of this UPAT is the evaluation of the Zhongshan Avenue District in the historic centre of Hankou Town in Wuhan. The UPAT Team will assist the WLSP in the assessment of the newly opened Zhongshan Avenue District with an emphasis on public space, transportation organization and economic vitality. The UPAT Team will also make suggestions for the replicability of Zhongshan Avenue Renewal Project in Wuhan and other Chinese cities.

The first section of the renewed Zhongshan Avenue was opened for the public in 2016. Last year at the 52nd ISOCARP Congress in Durban the WLSP received the ISOCARP Award of Excellence for the planning and the renewal of the Zhongshan Avenue District. This project was honoured for its highly inclusionary public participation and focus on the street as the umbilical cord within the network of the public realm, striving to improve public transport, protect the history and culture of place, and encourage community involvement.

International travel expenses to and from Wuhan (including costs for visas) of all team members will be reimbursed. Additionally, the WLSP will arrange and pay for the hotel, meals, local transportation and working and meeting facilities.

The ISOCARP members that are interested to participate as Team Leader, UPAT Rapporteur or one of the four Team Members are invited to send a letter of intent and a one page CV (resume) by email to (cc to as soon as possible and by 18 February 2017 at the latest. We hope to be able to notify all applicants of their selection by 24 February 2017.
All seven team members will write, illustrate and contribute to one article for ISOCARP Review 13 and one dedicated PLAN Magazine in close cooperation with the Vice President UPATs and representatives of WLSP. The deadline for the article is mid April. The deadline for the PLAN Magazine is mid May. The results of the Zhongshan Avenue District UPAT workshop will be presented in the UPAT Seminar as part of the ISOCARP congress in Portland, 24-27 October 2017.

You can download the Call for Candidates here. A document with background information and a brief presentation about the Zhongshan Avenue District are made available on the ISOCARP website:

More information about the UPAT programme and past UPAT Workshops can be found on the UPAT section of the ISOCARP website:

I welcome your interest, your remarks, your questions and your applications.

Martin Dubbeling.

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