Registration for the Congress at the World Design Summit, Montréal 2017 is now live! The World Design Summit is an unprecedented international gathering of diverse disciplines with a common focus: how design can shape the future. Montréal will host design professionals, government and business leaders, industry representatives, media and NGOs from around the world. Attendees will come together to transcend silos, foster cooperation and enhance professional development. More than a mere celebration of design, the Summit will demonstrate the tremendous power of design to create viable solutions to global social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

Taking place from Monday 16th to Friday 20th October, the Congress component – featuring the IFLA World Congress – gathers scholars, practitioners and stakeholders at a fully accredited conference to address hundreds of topics on six themes spanning multiple design disciplines. All sessions are designed to intersect, encouraging the sharing of knowledge between disciplines. Leading minds from around the globe will come together to discuss, explore, share and create a vision of the future shaped by design.

A special ‘Early Bird’ price is currently available but hurry, only a limited number of these tickets are available. To take advantage of this offer, visit here.

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