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The session consists of a workshop followed by a participatory session.

Workshop (11:30 – 13:00): How can transport innovation address the urban challenges that European cities are facing? While confronted with a growing demand for mobility, European cities need to focus at the same time on political goals for healthier, fairer, more integrated and sustainable urban transport. At UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, innovation and sharing are part of our core values. As such, we would like to invite all urban development and key players in the field of mobility to participate in our plenary session “European cities leading innovation for urban mobility” and reflect on how to make European cities more liveable by fostering innovation.

Interpretation will be available during the workshop.

Participatory session (14:30 – 16:00): Building on the morning session’s presentations, this interactive session calls upon city leaders, mobility providers, practitioners and innovators from traditional and non-traditional mobility sectors to work together to make cities better. Drawing from the Urban Mobility innovation index (UMii) framework, the second part of UITP’s “European cities leading innovation for urban mobility” session will enable participants to share knowledge and gather insights in small groups with city representatives. They will also be able to explore the key enablers of innovation through three dimensions: readiness, deployment and liveability.

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Intrepretation will only be available during the workshop.

 Karine SbirrazzuoliThomas AvanzataPeter BerkowitzNicolas BlainHalina Rakowskajon lamontePer AlsUlrich WeberJos VAN VLERKENElisa SchennerKatharina RehlingFrode HVATTUM
 Sustainable transport and mobility
 UITP – International Association for Public Transport
 deutsch (de), english (en), français (fr)
 Building SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre, Room Hall 300+ Hall 400

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