12th European Biennial of Towns and Planners
29 June 2017 at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Saint Denis

Cities and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, feedback and prospects

The European Council of Urban Planners organizes the XIIth Biennial with the City of Paris and Plain Commune on the theme:
“Cities and the Olympic Games, what benefits for the territories and their populations over the long term?”

The work of the Biennale will develop the following questions:

1- Hosting a planetary event in the City : what are the inhabitants expecting and how elected officials can answers those expectations?

2- Mutating cities : How to use the momentum generated by hosting worldwide events ?

3- Hosting the Olympic games create a shock and starts a urban renewal aimed at a new long term vision of prosperity for the city and its inhabitants

4- Co-operation between the various municipalities, private companies, local government and civil society is obviously essential when receiving the planet

5- How does the preparation of the Olympics and other world events creates a lasting impact on the territorial cohesion of the regions who hosted them ?

6- How do global games and events engage cities and regions in the energy transition, taking climate change into account and protecting the environment at the heart of public spaces?

The work of the Biennale will draw on the feedback of the European cities that hosted the Olympic Games:
Barcelona 1992 / Athens 2004 / London 2012 / Munich 1972 / Albertville 1992 / Turin 2006 / Tokyo 2020
And cities who were contenders like Lille, Stockholm, Rome, Budapest and Hamburg.

THE ORGANIZING TEAM of the XII European Biennial of Cities and Urban Planners

The Organizing Committee:

• Jean Pierre Duport, former Prefect and Director of Urban Planning, is the President of the Club of Partners who contribute to the realization of this European event.
•Dominique Lancrenon, Urbanist SFU and OPQU and Secretary General of the ECTP-CEU member of IVD / Vivapolis
• Luc-Emile Bouche-Florin, Urban Planner and Honorary President of the ECTP-CEU, delegate to the Council of Europe
• Emmanuel de la Masselière, Urban planner winner of the European Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme 2016 on the Grand Roissy project
• Jacques Perret, Urban planner specializing in the urban integration of large sports facilities (Stade de France, Jean Boulin stadium, Roland Garros stadium)
• Vincent Baculard, President of Rouge Vif

Initiative supported both by the city of Paris and the community of Plaine Commune.