Dear ICLEI EcoMobility friends and colleagues,

Join us this October in Kaohsiung for the 3rd EcoMobility World Festival, which will transform the streets of the historic Hamasen neighborhood into a dedicated space for ecomobile lifestyle for a month. It will be a live demonstration of how cities can take a bold step to create a forward-thinking urban transportation culture through ecomobility.

The EcoMobility World Congress on 2-4 October, a highlight of the Festival, will bring together local government representatives and transportation experts to discuss a future for urban transport that is livableshared and intelligent, just like Kaohsiung is demonstrating through the Festival.

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The Congress: Livable. Shared. Intelligent.

Meet our inspiring Congress speakers here:

Keynote speaker: Dr. Limin Hee, Director of Research, Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), Singapore
Prior to joining the CLC, Dr. Hee taught at the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore, where she led the Urban Studies Research and Teaching Group, and was a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities. She obtained her Doctor of Design from Harvard University. Learn more about the CLC
Keynote speaker: Jan van Zanen, Mayor, Utrecht, Netherlands
In 2018, Utrecht will have the world’s largest bicycle parking garage under the central station, with capacity for 12,500 bicycles. Under the leadership of Mayor Jan van Zanen, Utrecht has undergone significant urban transformation process. Register for the Congress and listen to Utrecht’s ecomobile story directly from the Mayor himself. Learn more
Time for a paradigm shift towards health and well-being, by Gregor Mews, Director, Urban Synergies Group
In the lead up to the EcoMobility World Congress 2017, Congress speakers share their thoughts on the three key Congress themes: shared, livable and intelligent mobility. Readthis post by Gregor Mews.