We invite your to discover on our website our recent project in Mosul, winning entry of the Rifat Chadirji Prize in Iraq.
The concept is to rebuild on the Tigris River 55 000 Plus-Energy “3D Printed” housing units from the ruins of war fighting Poverty and Feeding the Post-ISIS city.

ASSESSMENT: A city to upcycle from its heart
The 5 Mosul bridges connecting the west and east districts across the Tigris River were destroyed to encircle ISIS. The concept is to rebuild them as inhabited bridges by building the new city over the old city.

ANSWER: Five affordable and adaptable housings bridges with replicable architecture
The self-sufficient 5 farming bridges will be 3D-printed using recycled debris transported by drones from war ruins and rubble to address the shortage of affordable housing, estimated at more than 53,000 dwelling units.
They will be covered with urban farms and agricultural fields to guarantee food autonomy and thermal inertia.
Incorporating wind chimneys for natural air cooling, cold ceilings using the thermal energy of the river, solar water heaters for hot water, hydrodynamic waterfalls and hundreds of photovoltaic pergolas producing electricity, each sustainable bridge will resemble an artificial mountain stacking thousands of standardized modules of 12.96m².

IMPACT: Ten years to rebuild 2 million lives
At 400 kilometers north of Baghdad, the rebuilding of the 5 bridges in Mosul, such as the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon, offers a vision of a positive future to restore the self-confidence of war refugees
This pioneering 3D-printing could change the way to construct buildings – making the process faster and less costly – fighting poverty and feeding the Post-ISIS Mosul.

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